Sunday, August 9, 2009


I've been getting lots of request for how-to build Wall-E and so i point them to my silly videos and pictures I have. From those, many have successfully recreated a Wall-E of their own and have shared pictures with me.

It is great to see him being built by others.

1) Jildert (Belgium)

Jildert help me create some of the LDD files and pointed out some parts I was missing in my tutorial listing. To be noted the variation he brought to the design to fit the parts he had. Very clever indeed. We should be able to see a video of his Wall-e soon.
edit 12-08-2009

Jildert just uploaded some videos on his new YouTube ramacc0 channel.
These videos where taken during the Roborama 2009 contest in Belgium.

2) Tyler (Vancouver, BC)
Tyler asked me if he could build my Wall-E to complement his video store's Wall-E display
I see it is not the first time he uses LEGO to help with movie rental ! :)

3) Ion son of Robert (Texas)

While his son (9yo) was building, not letting his dad interfere, Robert made a detailed part description spreadsheet. This is wonderful work that he is sharing with us. Now, I know my Wall-E has over 780 parts! Thanks Bob.
Meanwhile, they successfully manged to get a working Wall-E on time for the 4th of July local parade - the goal being to help raise awareness of LEGO Robotics in his community while getting ready to coach an FLL team later this year.
...For the parade he used my phone to get wall-e to wave by opening and closing his hands and moving the hand side to side...

Thanks you to all my viewers and fans
and hope to see more Wall-E bros in the near future.

I: /. 7.

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  1. If you have built a wall-e based on my version I'd really like to know about it and share your result on my LEGO Wall-E NXTfied Blog.



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