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Thursday, August 4, 2011

WALL-E5 at Brickfête 2011

Video of WALL-E5 surrounded by kids

Benny as you may know is the one who designed WALL-E5's arms and hands along with improving/contributing  many other aspect of this robot. Here he is seen doing the next run inspection.

Benny and Trevise from QUELUG,

Cool thumbnails of video footage

 Nice picture of WALL-E4 in the foreground found on BLOGTO

This is one of the pictures of WALL-E5 on Flickr

When WALL-E5 crashed coming for a charge via under the table... oups!

 The whole body tipped over when it did not clear that metal angle support!
Picture by Benny

But when Janey from Brickfête give him a kiss... all is well again

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

help me answer the FAQ -- and annotate this crazy video!

here i explain everything about the new zWall-E4 and how it is different from the (somewhat similar looking) Wall-E3,,, but i'm sure you still wonder... wt(faq)

so what are the Frequently Asked Questions?

lets try something different: (if you have the patience)
Below, a link to a unlisted video on which I invite you to post questions or comments in form of annotations
ps *USE RED FOR QUESTIONS I WILL ANSWER IN BLUE * or use any other color to leave comments anywhere on this video!
have fun

pps * after a while i will make this video PUBLIC

I: /. 7.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Here it is at last !! NEW zWall-E4 ready for Zwolle 2010

perhaps my last wall-e? perhaps not! but this one is for you, MINDSTORMS only !!! no PF allowed in this Zwolle LEGO WORLD 2010 Edition of bazmarc's WALL-E NXT

Monday, August 30, 2010

Well i'm going to LEGO WORLD

So i haven't post anything here for ages... seriously I had so many ideas but time to write about them did not occurs... in one of my last post i mentioned how Wall-E took me on a crasy adventure and you know what?  it's not over yet!

IT's now been

2711 Days since  
Wall-E went to Billund and to LEGO WORLD 2008

So what's the big fuss about?   well on October 18th i'm hopping in a plane and this time I'M going to LEGO World!!!  
and if all goes well, i should be bringing Wall-E3!! 
here are some pics of him

Stay tuned for me details by following my entry on my blog, it's french but go ahead, translate it using Google translate button right off of my page.

See you
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