Thursday, August 4, 2011

WALL-E5 at Brickfête 2011

Video of WALL-E5 surrounded by kids

Benny as you may know is the one who designed WALL-E5's arms and hands along with improving/contributing  many other aspect of this robot. Here he is seen doing the next run inspection.

Benny and Trevise from QUELUG,

Cool thumbnails of video footage

 Nice picture of WALL-E4 in the foreground found on BLOGTO

This is one of the pictures of WALL-E5 on Flickr

When WALL-E5 crashed coming for a charge via under the table... oups!

 The whole body tipped over when it did not clear that metal angle support!
Picture by Benny

But when Janey from Brickfête give him a kiss... all is well again

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