Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Trossen Robotics Contest - Runner-Up winner :D

I'm very honored that my Wall-E has been selected in the runner-up winners for Trossen latest contest
Link to the post on Trossen Robotics FORUM

"Project: Autonomous LEGO Wall-E
Creator: Bazmarc
Prize: $25 Gift Card to the Trossen Robotics Store
Building a Wall-E robot? Awesome. Building it out of LEGOs? Even more awesome! LEGOs sure have come a long way in their lifetime, evolving into the amazing robotics prototyping tool they are today and invoking nostalgia in tinkerers abroad (I mean, who didn’t play with Legos growing up?) Forum member Bazmarc blew us all away when he debuted his LEGO NXT Autonomous Wall-E project, sparking “LEGO-skill” envy unanimously across the forums. Not only did he perfectly capture the look and feel of everyone’s favorite trash bot, he brought it to life with an autonomous navigation system. We can’t wait to see what Bazmarc comes up with next!"

a wowwee rover would had been cool... but 25$ well that's a good start. They are fascinating robot project on this site so being selected is quite an honor.

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