Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wall-E in BrickJournal

My LEGO bro, NeXTSTROM, once email me a link to my LEGO WALL-E in BrickJournal05... wow ...first published traces of my Wall-E at the festivities!! Turns out i had to purchase the online magazine and hardcopy version.

They don't speak of me but the picture taken at the Mindstorms 10th Anniversary User Models Exhibit in Billund, DK says it all.... Eveaaaaa!
Follows an article by Joe Meno about Angus MacLane from PIXAR who builds with LEGO many of his movie characters.

Get the PDF of this magazine here
it's only a couple of bucks!
I wonder if I'm entitled to a handful of printed copies?

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  1. Just a little update to thank Joe Meno for sending me some extra copies of Brickjournal05 from Tomorrow Publishing. Much appreciated.


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